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How to Become

Hartt Saxophonist



Scholarships Up to Full Tuition are Available for Prospective Saxophonists 

DMA & AD Prescreens: DECEMBER 1, 2023

Masters & GPD: FEBRUARY 1, 2024

Undergraduates: FEBRUARY 15, 2024

Graduate Assistantships are also available


Students seeking acceptance into the Hartt Saxophone Studio should follow these steps:


Begin the application process for the University of Hartford


Contact Professor Carrie Koffman  with any audition questions. Consider taking a lesson prior to your scheduled audition. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about her teaching style and ask more specific questions. In addition, you may choose to shadow one of our current students and attend some of our classes and rehearsals. If you are unable to make our scheduled audition dates, it is possible to set up an independent audition.


Make sure you review the required material and guidelines for audition material which can be found here.

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